musician. composer. Writer.

Photo by Bethany Brown

Photo by Bethany Brown


Biddy Healey is a vocalist, cellist, cavaquinhista, composer and writer. Her music is best described as songwriterly chamber jazz, with Brazilian influences. It sounds like Rickie Lee Jones meeting Arvo Pärt in the desert, Suzanne Vega having coffee with Bartok in the Village, Björk drinking whisky with Jobim.

Biddy's upcoming solo album features sounds from her old home of Brooklyn, NY, new home of Phoenix in Sonoran desert, and the beach hamlet in Australia where she grew up. Past projects include art pop band Odie Ida, which released a self-titled EP in 2016 (available on bandcamp and Spotify).

Biddy’s musical accolades include the John Gaitskell Memorial Mensa Prize, the Phillip Law Scholarship for Innovation, and the Marion Thomas Award for jazz performance. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music) from the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne, studied cavaquinho and percussion in Brazil, shamisen in Japan, and has performed across Europe, the US and Australia.

Biddy has a master of Education Policy from Columbia University’s Teachers College. She works at Arizona State University, co-creating with communities solutions to some of our greatest challenges, putting the resources of the university behind ending homelessness and mass incarceration.