musician. composer. Writer.


Biddy Healey is a vocalist, cellist, cavaquinho player (a small Brazilian guitar commonly used in samba and popular Brazilian music), composer and writer. Her music inhabits the spaces between jazz, folk and contemporary classical music. It is genre-bending, sophisticated and rhythmically charged.

Biddy's upcoming debut album features her singular vocal style, taking sounds from her old home of Brooklyn, NY, new home of the Sonoran desert, Phoenix, and the beach town in Australia where she grew up, and weaving them into a narrative of distance, love, and loss. In the meantime, check out the EP from her art pop band Odie Ida (available on bandcamp).

Biddy's accolades include the John Gaitskell Memorial Mensa Prize for music, the Phillip Law Scholarship for Innovation, and the Marion Thomas Award for jazz performance. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Contemporary Music) from the University of Melbourne, studied cavaquinho and percussion in Brazil, shamisen in Japan, and has performed across Europe and the US.